How To Deliver Value In The First 5 Minutes When Selling Senior Living

by Deena Neste on April 30, 2012

Selling Value in Senior LivingWhen a potential customer calls or walks in your door, you have approximately five minutes to demonstrate that you could be the answer they seek! 

Selling senior living or care can be very complex, so is it even possible to demonstrate and deliver value within those first few minutes of interaction…especially if you have not pre-planned your presentation? 

Sure it is, if you know what your customer is assessing from the moment you say “Hello”.

For the purposes of this post, we will assume the inquirer experienced good customer service upon calling in or walking in the door.

Here's what your prospect is (unconsciously) assessing during their first five minutes of interaction with you and your Senior Living community.

  • Do they understand my (my mother’s) needs?

  • Do they care enough to listen to what I am saying or not saying?

  • Why I should I trust this person and this community/service? 

  • Can they give me a reason to stop looking at other options including competitors?

  • Is she/he equipped to help me right now and empowered to make it happen?  (This could simply mean “can you give me a tour now even if I didn’t have an appointment?”)

Seniors and their influencers have repeatedly stated that when contacting a senior living residence or senior service provider, they want to talk to a professional person who listens rather than tells, responds accordingly and doesn’t use canned presentations.  They appreciate someone who is honest and knowledgeable about options and isn’t afraid to point out potential challenges they may encounter during the process.  These actions create real value.

So, here are some ideas on how you can provide value for new prospects during your first five minutes of interaction:

  • Focus on the prospect’s issues rather than your product features.

  • Ask relevant questions, listen intently and when it’s appropriate offer new perspectives.

  • Demonstrate credibility by being authentic, a resource and prepared to help.

Prospect, not product

Ideas, not canned presentation

Authentic, not amplified

What are some of the ways YOU deliver value during your first contact with prospects?


In our next post, look for a list of “non-traditional” questions that create trust, confidence and value for your prospects.

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