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we create digital storytelling content that motivates your customers to action

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We have a content marketing strategy for you and  we provide great video production services to compliment that strategy. Our mission is to help  great companies that do great work to grow and prosper by finding, engaging and converting their target market into clients, customers and rabid evangelists.

Our Story will impress...

Video marketing services, technologies and styles have changed dramatically in the last two decades. Content marketing and PPC have become an absolute must in the B2B and B2C business landscape.

Paradox Video Productions has been through it all and has led the way.

Let us help you distill your message, bring your story to life, and use it to engage your target audience. We're uniquely qualified to help clarify your communication goals, research your market, craft your message, bring your story to life, and broadcast it to your target audience. Engage your audience, drive web traffic and generate leads by creating dynamic content and campaigns that inform, inspire and motivate your clients and customers.

"Effective content marketing is about mastering the art of storytelling. Facts tell, but stories sell."

- Brian Eisenberg

"Content marketing is all the marketing that is left."

- Seth Godin

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What people are saying

"Tim's attention to detail combined with his outstanding service has made him a go-to resource for our agency for years. And he's one of the most pleasant characters you'd ever want to hang out with!"
"Tim has the perfect mix of creativity, vision, and business acumen. He is a true story teller who listens to client's needs, captures images that inspire, and produces shows that 'wow' and motivate."
"Tim was terrific, setting up the shoot, advising on shots and script, developing new ideas to move the project forward. And people like him, smart, works hard, and know his stuff."
"You can count on Tim to provide creative ideas, excellent quality, superb service... to always deliver. Paradox Video Productions is always on time and on target, which ultimately helps me to delight my clients. And he is so much fun to work with!"
"Tim's adept at finding creative solutions, both aesthetically and technically. He takes a proprietary interest in every project without ever losing sight of the objective, the client, the budget or the deadline!"
"With a background in news and an innate storytelling ability, Tim not only sees the potential of a good story, but also how best to develop it's framework and arc. He also has an artist's eye and an editor's perception, adding genuine value to his work."
"Great resource... Fab producer/director, you get hands, brains and heart on every shoot. Great under pressure... understands how to deliver great video!"
- Bob Smithers, President

MossWarner Communications

- Jane C. Innes, Communications Manager

Kaiser Permanent

- Bob Carden, Owner

Carden Communications

- Marcy Kalina, Vice President

MossWarner Communications

- Remy Mackowski, Owner

Aris Creative

- Patricia Boardman

Independent Writer

- Steve Opitz

Audience Response Solutions

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You'll be thrilled by the results you get for your marketing investment with Paradox Video Productions, but if your budget is limited and you're willing to do some of the legwork yourself, there are options for you!

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Great quality video production at a lower price point through use of pre-produced graphics, less expensive equipment, and artists-in-training. 


We teach corporate employees or business owners to produce their own video content...fully customized to their needs. 

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