Business Profile Videos - What is your WHY?

Posted by Tim C. Martin on October 29, 2015

In Storytelling


People don't buy What you do....they buy Why you do it! 

I've been inspired by a few great thought leaders over the past several years. The second most viewed TED Talk in history is Simon Sineks' "WHY". Frankly, Simon Sinek is awesome!

"People don't buy what you do....they buy why you do it! 

In telling our marketing story, it's important to really think about our audience. Does anyone care that, as an orthodontist, you fix teeth, have a new x-ray machine, or a comfortable waiting room? Not so much...that's an expectation. That's why they're searching for you.

What will really draw them in is why you've dedicated your life to fixing teeth. What do you believe, what is your cause, what is your purpose? In this video, Dr. John Budd explains how, as a kid, he had really messed up teeth. Other kids made fun of him, he was embarrassed in public, life was not that much fun. Until he got braces.

Orthodontics changed his life, and he's dedicated to helping others change theirs because he knows what a difference it makes. That's his WHY, and it's an engaging way of storytelling!





This isn't just for dental practice marketing or creating orthodontics videos. Whether you are in the healthcare industry, the transportation or manufacturing space, or you simply sell trinkets and baubles....think about your WHY...and use that in your video marketing strategy. Keep your audience engaged!


Now....for those who haven't seen it....Here's Simon Sineks ever popular WHY Ted Talk. With great examples from Apple, The Wright Brothers and Martin Luther King, it will help you solidify your own story and it's wildly fascinating!