Testimonial videos = Great Marketing

Posted by Tim C. Martin on October 29, 2015

In Content Marketing

Testimonials build trust and are hugely influential on buying decisions :

People are much more likely to believe a third party over the voice of a salesperson. The reasons are pretty obvious but many business owners and corporate marketing departments don't use video testimonials, and they are close to the strongest and easiest to create of all the marketing materials available.

Who do you trust?

So....most buyers do 80% of their research online before stepping inside a store or speaking to a salesperson. Some say it's 67%. Some say it's 93%. It depends on who you ask, but there is ample research to prove that the majority of buyers research online before ever getting close to a salesperson or a store of any kind. The buyers journey has clearly changed in the past 8 years.

When you think about how you research online...do you read everything on a company website and then make your decision? NO!

You probably, like most people, want to know what others think, those that have already purchased. Ever read Amazon reviews? Yelp reviews? Of course! Although there aren't that many out there yet, can you resist clicking on a testimonial video to see what that reviewer thinks? Of course not!

Good marketing is all about getting your message across effectively and succinctly, and to make an impact. This will include video because...no one reads anymore! Honestly, I still read but perhaps I'm old school. Certainly, the fact that no one reads anymore is a commonly held belief among most marketers.

So....video is a fast, efficient, and dynamic way to get your marketing message across...and customer testimonials bring credibility to the table. What more could you ask for?

The downside to video marketing:

Many marketers and business owners mistakenly believe that they can't produce effective video marketing because it's just too expensive. That's really not the case. When you learn enough about the process to understand how to bring efficiency to your video productions, the cost drops dramatically. Sign up for this blog to learn just that, and you'll be well on your way to effective video marketing within your budget!