You need more marketing content. You want video marketing content. But the cost of video production is too high.

Learn to create your own high-quality videos fast and efficiently, for the price of one professional production.



We teach video production in Arizona--ideal for corporate marketing and communications departments.


Save Time on Video Production

...even before you get started

Researching equipment and software specifications can take hours of your life! The Video Mentor can help you save hours by guiding you through the technical jargon, and advising you on the best video equipment and software available within your budget. We’ll also make sure you get the right price!


Save Money on Video Production

...stretch your marketing dollar

You may not do all your video production in-house--at least not yet. But imagine how much additional content you can create if someone on staff is taking care of production.


Save Headaches on Video Production

...and stress and frustration

A lot goes into creating videos that are informative, engaging, and of high enough quality to put your name on. You must ensure everyone looks good, the message is on point, visuals are attractive, and the audio is, well, audible. Sometimes things break. Or they’re late. Or they’re late and then show up broken. Oh, and you’re on a deadline. Fortunately, you don’t have to do it alone. The Video Mentor will show you how to keep it all on the rails. Your stress level will be minimized. Period.

Highlights from Past Trainees

"I had Tim train two of my employees in the marketing department. Not only did they get up to speed quickly, the videos look great. Very happy with the service!"
"I tried learning on my own for a while and I was doing OK, but the time it took was incredible. Once I started with Tim I learned all kinds of shortcuts to save time, and the quality of my products look ten times better...thanks Tim."
"He'll take his time to teach at my pace so I really get it."
"I can't believe how good we look online now!"
"Tim answered his phone at 7pm on a Sunday night to help me work through an editing issue. He said he couldn't do that every time I called but I sure appreciated it that night!"
  • Video Editing Training

    Saves on Time

  • camera training

    Saves on Budget

  • lighting training

    Saves on Frustration


Learn to tell your Brand Story

Writing and interviewing techniques

Learn to interview like a pro, what questions to ask your interviewees and how to ask them, how to craft your story. Learn writing tips and how to engage your audience through storytelling.


Camera Operation

Video camera operation and technique

Wow your audience; learn to utilize the camera shots and angles required to make an interesting story.Understand your cameras operation and how to get the most out of it.


Lighting and Audio

Be proud of your results

Learn the how and why of lighting and audio (fast!), while avoiding those rookie mistakes.


Video Editing

Software and editing technique

Our tips and tricks on software and video storytelling will get you editing fast and well will save you countless hours of time, while you package your marketing masterpiece.


Tim C. Martin

Your Video Mentor

With over 23 years in the video production business, the majority in Corporate Video Marketing, there are few with the experience of Tim. In addition to his knowledge of production, his inate storytelling abilities and marketing accumen make him the go to guy for many a corporate marketing and communications department. In addition, he's easy to learn from and is just a nice guy all-round.

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